Commissions & Queue

Welcome to Kaoz’ Commission info and Queue, here you can check info about my commission system as well as see the queue/waiting list and approximate progress in pretty much all I have in schedule.

About Comissions

I don’t’ have a “Standard” price for pics because every pic to me is different and has to be dealt with in a case by case scenario, also I’m very flexible about the commissioner needs and wants again pics are discussed as a case by case and based on what the commissioner wants and how much they are looking to spend we work things out, with that said my prices are around the 25 – 50 USD per character, again depending in many different factors.

If you are interested in commissioning me (And somehow got here without me linking you directly XD) you can reach me in any of my social stuff:

Or whatever other place you see me, all the talk is done “DM, Note, Chat” me in any of these and we can discuss details, prices and whatnot and the commissioner’s pace.

Now for the Queue.

This is the official queue, in this you can see the order of the “normal” commissions I’m working on and a few other details like the commissioner (if they are okay with the name being public) hints about the characters in the pics and the approximated percentage of completion of them (Based on a simple “number of characters/process steps” estimation is not intended to be exact or anything) the waiting list is just the people that is waiting for a slot in the queue in order, you can keep track of your turn here.

Official Queue:

  1. Zwei (couriers)
  2. Necro (HP girls)
  3. Zach (MHA)
  4. Inu (Best Imp)
  5. Havok (Natalia, no, not that one)

Waiting List:

Cheap slots:

  1. Berd
  2. Inu
  3. Toyo
  4. Toyo
  5. Toyo
  6. Havok
  7. Havok
  8. Havok
  9. Havok
  10. Inu

Waiting List:

This is a “small” list of the things i have working on the side (If I’m missing a pic for you that should be here please contact me about it).

Extra stuff in no particular order

I will be adding and editing info here as needed, aside from add other project to keep track of them, for now if you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly and we can talk, thanks.